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U6 (4 and 5 year olds):


Registration remains open for U6.  It is a wonderful program and is coached by our British Soccer Coach!

Please tell your friends to get signed up!   Call 319-9583 to register

U6 practices will be every Monday and Wednesday for three weeks starting 9/8 and ending 9/24.  All practices will be from 4:15-5pm at the CMP Pavilion lawn.  The U6 end of season event will be Saturday 9/27 at the fields by the volleyball courts.   



U8 (6 and 7 year olds) PARENTS AND PLAYERS:

Registration is closed.  The U8 season will run from 9/15 through 10/24 with the end of season event/tournament 10/25.  U8 practice days and times will be determined by the coach.  If you are interested in coaching at the U8 level please contact Woodsie at crownmtndirector@sopris.net .


Registration for U10-U14 is closed, but there are some teams with limited space.  Please call 319-9583 for information if you're interested in playing.

Game Schedules for U10-U14 are below.  You will need to know your team name.

Contact your coach for practice schedules.

Please double check game days/times with your coach as he or she may have re-scheduled!


U10 Boys: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370627&Gender=Boys&Age=10


U10 Girls: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370635&Gender=Girls&Age=10


U12 Boys: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370629&Gender=Boys&Age=12


U12 Girls (Coach Derek): http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370638&Gender=Girls&Age=12

U12 Girls (Coach Mike and Coach Kate): http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=381940&Gender=Girls&Age=12



U14Boys: http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370631&Gender=Boys&Age=14


U14 Girls (Coach Theo): http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370639&Gender=Girls&Age=14

U14 Girls (Coach Eric): http://events.gotsport.com/events/schedule.aspx?EventID=39727&GroupID=370640&Gender=Girls&Age=14




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Fall 2014 Registration

Registration is now closed for all players age 8 and above.  If your child is younger than 8 years old, then please use the link below to register.



Dear Soccer Parents,

We'd like to thank you for your past participation in the Basalt Soccer Club and we hope your son or daughter has learned and grown as a result of his/her participation! As a volunteer-run organization we do our best to provide quality coaching, try-outs, referees, fields and equipment.. But we cannot do it without you!

A critical aspect of running the club is knowing exactly how many players to expect each season and, hence, how many teams to register with the Western Slope Soccer League (WSSL -pronounced "whistle").  We need to anticipate if we should register teams in the competitive or recreation league within WSSL and we need to make sure we have coaches lined up for each team well in advance. This is one area WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

The time to register for Fall soccer is NOW! We know you're thinking about summer vacation, but it is critical we get your child registered soon so we can start determining the exact layout of our teams.  This will allow us to do team selections, coach assignments and practice field/ time assignments in a more timely manner and create improved communication with the coaches and the parents as well (this is an area we are working hard to improve).


Just click on this link  https://www.gotsport.com/asp/application/reg/?ProgramID=28583&Type=PLAYER to complete the form.  


Or go to the DOCUMENTS tab to the left to download a registration form.


Again, the Basalt Soccer Club  needs your help  as a parent to make sure we run as well as possible. When you register your player please pay special attention to the area where you can choose how to volunteer. Also, please consider a donation while you are registering to assist the significant number of our players who require scholarships in order to participate in this wonderful sport.

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Basalt Soccer Club



Padres de familia,
¡Nos gustaría agradecerle por su participación  en el Club de Fútbol de Basalt, esta temporada pasada y esperamos que su hijo o hija haiga aprendido y  crecido a consecuencia de su/su participación! Como una organización dirigida por voluntarios hacemos todo lo posible por proporcionar entrenamiento de calidad, pruebas, árbitros, campos y equipo. ¡Pero no podemos hacerlo sin usted!
Un aspecto crítico de dirigir este club es saber exactamente cuantos jugadores esperaramos en cada temporada y, de ahí, cuantos equipos se registrara con la Liga de Fútbol  con western Slope Soccer League (WSSL - pronunciado " whistle"). Tenemos que antisipar si deberíamos registrar equipos en la liga competitiva o en la liga de reconstrucción dentro de WSSL, conlamisma tenemos que asegurarnos que tenemos entrenadores  para cada equipo con mucho tiempo de anticipación. ¡¡Este es una área en la que NECESITAMOS SU AYUDA!!!
¡El tiempo para registrarse para el fútbol de otoño 2014 es AHORA! Sabemos que usted esta pensando en sus vacaciones en este momento, pero es crítico que usted registre a su hijo/hija pronto a si nosotros podremos determinar la disposición exacta de nuestros equipos para la otoño. Esto permitirá que nosotros hagamos selecciones de equipo,  asignacion de canchas, hora de entrenar y asiganar entrenadores; en una manera más eficiente y asi mejorar la  comunicación entre entrenadores y los padres.  (esta es una área que estamos tratando de mejorar mucho)
Otra vez, el Club de Fútbol de Basalt necesita su ayuda como  padre para asegurarse que este proceso sea lo mas eficaz posible. Cuando usted registra a su jugador, por favor preste atención especial en la parte donde pregunta como usted puede ser voluntario. También, por favor considere una donación mientras usted se registra, hay un número significativo de nuestros jugadores que requieren becas para poder jugar en este deporte!
Gracias por su ayuda,  
Su Basalt Soccer Club!
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Registration Policy

Registration Policy (Updated October 2013)

Basalt Soccer Club (BSC) follows the rules and deadlines set forth by CYS (Colorado Youth Soccer) and WSSL(Western Slope Soccer League). BSC may modify and make exceptions to this policy at its discretion and without notification.

  • · For U6 (players are under 6 years old) and U8 (players are under 8 years old), ideal team size is 8-9 players.
  • · For U10 (players are under 10 years old) teams, 10 Players is the target roster size, maximum 12 players and a minimum of 8 players.
  • · For U12 (players are under 12 years old) teams, 12 Players is the target roster size, maximum 14 players and minimum of 10 players.
  • · For U14-U18 teams; 16 Players is the target roster size, maximum 18 players and a minimum of 14 players.
  • · There will be “priority” registration for current players (to register for the next season)
  • · Although the goal is to allow all registered players to play there could be cases where the number of registered players does not allow it.  For example, if we had fifteen U10 players register, the last 3 to register would be wait-listed because we have too many for 1 team and not enough for 2. Wait-listed players will be notified as soon as there is an opening on the first roster or enough players to create a second team.
  • · A player is registered when they have completed and submitted: 1) Registration Form, 2) Payment (either full or partial if applying for a scholarship), 3) Scholarship Form, if applicable and 4) Player Birth Certificate and Player Photo as required.

If applying for a Scholarship: 1) Complete a Registration Form 2) Complete a Scholarship Application Form, including Financial Statement (form is located under the "Document" tab) 3) Submit All Forms and appropriate payment (see Application for amount) to BSC by the Registration Deadline. 

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Oct. 30, 2013 - Join Our Team!

As a mostly volunteer run organization, Basalt Soccer Club is always on the lookout for energetic volunteers to join our team.  We have many roles to fill - big and small.  The following is just a sampling of areas in need of volunteers:  coaching, referees & team managers (upcoming Spring 2014 season), grant writing, media, website work, & fundraising.  Contact BSC at BASALTSOCCERCLUB AT GMAIL.COM for more information.  Please consider making a difference & joining our Basalt Soccer Club Team!  



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BSC Contact Information

*Crown Mountain Park & Recreation Office - Club Questions, Team & Field information, U8 - U6 division, 970-963-6030   crownmountain@sopris.net

* Registrar: Sarah Woelfle, 970-319-9583 - basaltsoccerclub@gmail.com

* U10 Division  

* U12 Division

* U14 Division: Rod Woelfle- rod@masonmorse.com

*Scholarship & Fundraising: Lori Hofferbert -  camcamp@comcast.net

Basalt Soccer Club Refund Policy


 Updated October 2013:  Refunds may be granted to player that has already registered under certain situations as noted below. All refunds will be charged a processing fee of $35.00 per player to cover costs associated with processing registration and of the refund. Refunds are only granted prior to the start of a season and will not be considered after the season has begun (first practice).


  • · Players on the wait-list may request a refund of the registration fees less any processing charges and will be removed from the wait list.
  • · If there are not enough registered players to form a team by the WSSL registration deadline, refunds will be allowed for those players.
  • · Refunds may be granted for players that are unable to play for medical or injury reasons. Proof or medical condition or doctor’s evidence is required.
  • · If a player has moved and playing for BSC will be too much of a burden on the family (i.e. moved and requires a 45+ minute commute to practices and home games).


In the case of economic hardship, player injury or other extending circumstances, registration refunds may be provided based on BSC board review. Documentation regarding injury or reason of hardship may be requested by BSC. BSC reserves the right to make any exceptions to this rule by the way of board majority vote.

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