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Youth Lacrosse Skills Session

Y flyer

Warriors Spring Program



Register TODAY

5th - 8th Grade Program is CLOSED

Space Available at K - 4th Grade...Register Today! 

All Other Levels Filling Fast - DON'T WAIT - Please Register Today!


No change in program Fees

Come join the fastest growing sport in Bucks County with the Fastest Growing Organization 


There is a team for everyone - ALL skill levels WELCOME!!




 Register [HERE] or visit the registration page 



Please contact us with any questions regarding Spring Registration or Tryouts: Info@warriors-lacrosse.com 

Who Can Play Warriors Lacrosse?

Players that reside in the boundries for CB South & CB West High School
along with
William Tennant School District 
(per SEPYLA Bylaws)
Simply complete the waiver process with SEPYLA, explaining that you reside in William Tennant SD, and you will be granted permission to play for the Warriors in the spring of 2016. 


Have questions about how/where to register? 
We are happy to help, simply email us today at info@warriors-lacrosse.com






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Off-Season Reminders For All Players...


You can't do well in school if you don't do your homework. The same applies to lacrosse; you can't do well in lacrosse if you don't practice on your own (do your homework!). 

Don't forget your off-season lacrosse homework!!  Whenever possible, you shouldn't go a day without picking up your stick. 

There are many ways you can keep up with your skills practice:

  1. Play wall ball (in your living room with a tennis ball isn't always the best place, but it works for some of us! Ask your parents for permission!!), in your garage, a wall anywhere will do, preferably outside.  
  2. Call friends to come over and have a catch, or go to a field.  
  3. Take your stick (and a spare for an unsuspecting partner) everywhere you go - you'll always find someone to have a catch.  (Don't forget your helmet) 
  4. Everyone's life is so scheduled these days, so put it on your calendar - make time for practice!

Players, how many times during a game did you throw the ball to someone who dropped it? Yes, it happens to everyone at one time or another. But wouldn't you like to know that the player you're throwing to has been practicing all year and plays wall-ball every day? Success of the team depends on every player practicing on their own, whenever they can, all year long.

If you make it a point to keep practicing in the off-season, you will be better lacrosse players next spring - guaranteed!!  

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