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Physical Night

(dateline: May 20 2015)



6:00PM TO 8:00PM



COST $30.00


Impact Test

(dateline: May 14 2015)

All incoming Freshmen, Juniors and anybody new to athletics must take the impact test prior the begining of the fall season. Please following information on the Impact Test and test dates.

ZCHS Summer Impact Testing Dates

June 3, 5-7:30pm

June 22, 9am-11:30m

July 15, 12pm-3:30pm

July 31, 9am-11:30pm

A couple of things to note:

  • There is a new room - all testing at the high school will be done in the computer lab, room 512
  • Athletes need to come any time during the testing time listed. The test will take 20-30 minutes to complete once at a computer
  • All juniors and incoming freshmen and any athlete new to the program need to take the test regardless of when they last took it.
  • Athletes in all sports need to get this done - yes, golf, tennis, swimming and track do too.
  • We encourage athletes in all sports, not just the fall sports, to get this done over the summer so it is taken care of and out of the way.
  • Any athlete in ZHS, ZMS, and ZWMS can go to any of the testing dates at any of the schools. Just let the proctor know what school you go to so they can set it up appropriately. Check the website for each school to get the dates for that school.
  • This is required to be completed before your first official practice to be eligible to participate. So make it a priority to attend one of the testing sessions!!! No testing will be done the first two days of fall practices.
  • If you cannot attend any of the testing sessions at any of the schools, please contact Nancy LaFon prior to July 1 to make arrangements for testing.
  • Baseline Impact testing is free. They just need to come and get it done.

Impact testing provides us with a baseline neuropsychological evaluation of each individual athlete. Basically, it is a snapshot of how that person functions cognitively. This then becomes a tool that we use to help us determine when an athlete is ready to return to participation after having sustained a concussion - have they returned to their former state of cognitive function? Can they cheat the test? No they cannot. It used to be that kids could purposely perform poorly on the baseline so it wouldn't take as much effort to get back to that baseline to be cleared for participation. The programers have now put markers into the test that let us know if that is occurring. The test then comes back invalid and they have to take it over. Therefore, all athletes need to do their best when doing the baseline testing.

If you have any questions, please email Nancy LaFon at nlafon@zcs.k12.in.us. Email will be checked daily on weekdays.

We look forward to seeing you!

Nancy LaFon and Mike Stevens


My GAme Schedule

(dateline: May 14 2015)

My Game Schedule

5/1Friday 7:00pm - Cline, DiPlotti, Kovach, Vanatsky - Lebanon

5/2SaturdayNoon – Ebenroth, Hill, Hoops, Lee, Weibke – Grand Park #2

5/2Saturday2:00pm – Edwards, MacAbee – Grand Park #3

5/3Sunday10:00am - Watkins – MJG #1

5/9Saturday1:00pm- Morrison, Seamonds – ZYSA #9

5/9Saturday2:00pm – Allen, Devine, Longmire, Takesue - ZYSA #7B

5/9Saturday2:00pm – Byle, Denny, Hammerle - ZYSA #7A

5/9Saturday4:00pm - DaPuzzo, Hasty, Soldatis, Wilson – ZYSA #7A

5/12Tuesday8:00pm – K. Barrett – Grand Park #5

5/23Saturday2:00pm – Allen – Grand Park #2

5/30Saturday1:30pm – Brocious, Concannon, Hockema, Sanders – MJG #4


My Game Schedule

(dateline: Apr 28 2015)
Wednesday 4/29 Barlow, Englert, Hobick, Lutterman, Roe, Varas U 15 Green 6:30pm ZYSA 7A Wednesday 4/29 Drake, Kiley U14 Green 6:30pm ZYSA ? Saturday 5/2. Ebenroth, Hill, Hoops, Lee, Weibke Indy Fire White Noon Grand Park #2 Saturday 5/2 Gabe Edwards, Nate MacAbee 2:00pm Grand Park #3 Sunday 5/3 Jake Watkins Indy Premier 10:00am MJG #1

My Week Game Schedule

(dateline: Apr 17 2015)

My Weekend Game Schedule

Saturday Noon Grand Park #2 (2nd half) Derek Barrett

Saturday 2:00pm Grand Park #7 Colin Beebe and Burk Edwards

Saturday 4:00pm Grand Park #24 Bailey, Barrett, Bshesh, Higgs, Rice and Ungar

Sunday 2:00pm Grand Park #27 (1st half) Kyle Bensen

Sunday 4:00pm Geisse #3 Josh Jordan

I don’t have schedules from Bryce Allen, Noah Cline, Isaac Peterson, and Jake Watkins.

Please email your schedules.



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