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What is our mission statement?

The mission of Fleetwood Youth Soccer Club is to promote the values of sportsmanship, fair play and community spirit through a quality developmental program of soccer instruction for young people.

What are our core values?

Sportsmanship - showing proper respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators.

Fair Play - playing by the Laws of the Game, honoring the referee's decisions, and being a proper role model to others in both winning and losing.

Community - building peace and harmony among the people within the area served by FYSC.

Team Spirit - putting the success of the team ahead of any individual achievement.

Family - using the activities of FYSC to strengthen the bonds between children and those who care for them.

Excellence - promoting skill development and team play toward the goal of performing at the highest level possible and instilling a life long love for the sport of soccer.

Competitiveness – teaching persistence, hard work and a positive attitude on and off the field.

How is FYSC managed?

The Club is managed by an elected board of directors pursuant to the Bylaws of FYSC and board elections are held every December. Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, the officers of the FYSC shall be elected by the Members as provided in these bylaws, and each officer shall hold office for a term of three years. Each officer and board member shall hold office for three years after election, from January 1 to December 31. Any Board member is eligible for re-election. Any vacancy on the board of directors may be filled by a majority vote of the board. Such appointment shall be until the next scheduled election in December of that year.

How are coaches selected?

Coaches are selected by the FYSC board. All coaches are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching, please be sure to indicate your interest during registration.

What is the difference between the Academy and Travel programs?

Our in-house Academy program is for players in the u6 and u8 age groups. These players participate in FYSC’s developmental program and play games against other FYSC players at a location in the Fleetwood school district.

Travel teams are comprised of players who participate in the U9 and above age groups, and compete primarily in the Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League, or other regional leagues and designated tournaments.

For players who are on “Travel Teams” (U9 and above), they will play against other teams from other youth soccer clubs who participate in the RBJSL or a registered league where teams are placed. Examples of other youth soccer clubs who play in the RBJSL include, but are not limited to: Conrad Weiser, Exeter, Governor Mifflin, Wyomissing, Oley, Tulpehocken, and Wilson.

When and where will my child have practices and games?

Depending on the age group, practices will be held on weeknights with scheduled games on either Saturday or Sunday. It will be the coach’s discretion as to what night practices will be scheduled for and it will be the participating league’s discretion for the game schedule. Practices for our Academy program are typically held at a singular location, and while most of our practices for Travel teams are at Walnuttown(fields across from Willow Creek Elementary School), there are several other locations around the school district where teams may practice. All home Travel games are at Walnuttown. The fall season typically spans August to early November, and the spring season spans March to early May, though there may be additional training sessions outside of these time frames as dictated by each individual coach.

Do all the players get equal playing time?

Players that are a part of our Academy program should expect equal playing time. As related to the Travel program, coaches must make an effort to play each player in each game.

How are players placed on Travel teams?

The FYSC utilizes an evaluation process to place each player on a team. Each player will be provided with an opportunity to be a part of a team, as long as there are no issues with limited players in a given age group. Evaluations are an independent examination of our players on “Travel Teams” for placement. Travel teams are designed to place players and teams with similar skill levels in competition.

I want my child to play up to an older age group to be challenged, what is the FYSC policy on this?

Please review the FYSC Play Up Policy.

Why is the registration cost higher for Travel versus the Academy program?

There are additional costs the club incurs for each travel team. For example there is a cost associated with registering a team with RBJSL for each season, there are costs associated with putting together rosters and securing player passes. We firmly believe our registration fees are among the lowest in the area.

Do I need to buy a uniform?

It depends. If your child is a part of the Academy program, a uniform t-shirt will be provided and covered by your registration cost. If your child is a part of the Travel program, you will need to purchase a uniform kit from the provider selected at the time by the club. Your coach and/or registrar will help you with the process of securing a kit.  The cost of the kit is in addition to the registration cost. FYSC leadership strives to make the best decisions as possible when selecting a kit, taking into account cost and quality. Your child may wear their uniform for as many seasons as it fits. Uniform numbers will be provided the registrars.

How can I help the club?

The club is always looking for volunteers to help in various areas. If you are interested in coaching, please note this when completing the online registration form, talk to a board member or your child's coach. If coaching does not fit you best, we have other areas such as assistance with fundraising, and field maintenance where you can help. You can let your coach or a board member know.

Are there club meetings?

Yes. General club meetings are held approximately once a quarter, or as called by the board. These meetings are held at the Fleetwood Borough Hall. Notifications are sent out via email and posted on the club social media pages. These meetings are open to everyone, and all are encouraged to attend and be involved in the decision making process.


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